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Article: Prepare your home to welcome autumn in style! Towards 2024 trends

Prepara la tua casa ad accogliere l’autunno con stile! Verso le tendenze del 2024 - BELIAMO

Prepare your home to welcome autumn in style! Towards 2024 trends


Today we will explore together the new trends and color palettes that will take hold in 2024! The palettes in vogue for the coming year are inspired by balance, individual expression and connection with nature. Scopriamole:

  1. Biochromatic Harmony

The trend towards eco-sustainability and connection with nature is reflected in a colour palette that is defined as "bio-chromatic". We are therefore talking about shades inspired by the natural world, such as emerald greens, earthy or sandy tones, shades of stone gray and the like. This palette promotes a sense of serenity and harmony with the surrounding environment and aesthetically uses enough neutral tones that can easily be used in any type of home.

  1. Bolder Vibes

2024 will also see the rise of vibrant and bold tones that reflect the energy and vibrancy of modern life. Colors such as magenta, turquoise and electric yellow will be used to create bold accents and dynamic focal points in the spaces, standing out against muted tones. These shades will catch the eye and add a note of fun and joy.

  1. Pastel Sweetie

Pastel shades will continue to be widely used in 2024, but with a focus on balancing warmth and freshness. Pastel tones such as baby pink, powder blue and light lavender will be combined with neutral colors linked to the biochromatic harmony we were talking about earlier. This palette is able to create delicate, relaxing environments, always welcoming but elegant.

  1. Industrial Urban Elegance

Inspired by the charm of the metropolis, colours such as asphalt grey, charcoal black and industrial rust will be combined with metallic tones such as bronze and brass to create a modern and sophisticated look but in a vaguely rustic key. This combination pays homage to urban aesthetics without sacrificing elegance and design in vogue.

  1. Earth & Sand Accents

The connection to the earth and nature is clearly reflected in a predominantly earthy and neutral color palette. Colours such as beige, sand, ochre and light brown create a neutral and warm base that can be enhanced with natural wood details and raw fabrics. Creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony with this palette will be a breeze!

With these trends, we have tried to provide you with an overview of the color palettes in vogue in the world of design and furniture in 2024. Remember, however, that beyond the choice of bold and vibrant shades or delicate and serene shades, the important thing remains to embrace what best resonates with your personal style and create spaces that inspire you and reflect your personality!


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