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Pillows Watergel

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Explore the freshness and comfort of our cushions in Watergel 100% Made in Italy in the Cushions Collection Watergel Of Beliamo. Designed to offer a feeling of freshness and optimal support during sleep, our pillows in Watergel Are the perfect choice for a restorative rest.

The Fresh Hug of the Watergel

The cushions in Watergel By Beliamo present special inserts in Watergel®That allow greater breathability and help maintain an optimum temperature at night. This means sleeping cool and comfortable even on the hottest nights.

100% Made in Italy, 100% Qualità

We are proud to produce our pillows in Watergel Entirely in Italy, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. The materials used are of first quality to ensure a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Why Choose Pillows in Watergel Of Beliamo?

Freshness during sleep: The Watergel Offers a pleasant feeling of freshness. Optimal breathability: Ideal for hot and humid nights. Made in Italy: Products with pride in Italy to guarantee the best quality. Choose the Cushions Collection Watergel By Beliamo to embrace the fresh comfort of our superior quality cushions. Rediscover the pleasure of a rejuvenating and comfortable sleep.

Choose the Fresh, Choose Beliamo!