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Article: Is your home ready for the arrival of the winter season? Here are our style tips

La tua casa è pronta per l’arrivo della stagione invernale? Ecco i nostri consigli di stile - BELIAMO

Is your home ready for the arrival of the winter season? Here are our style tips

After greeting the summer with its warm colors, it is time to explore the furnishing trends that will bring warmth and style to our interiors even during the cold months. We wrote an article about 2024 trends, read it to complete the picture! Today, however, we will explore the tricks and accessories useful to make those palettes unique and perfect for any type of home or furnishings, even in the coldest season!


  1. Warm and Cozy Shades-> play with the textile texture!

Winter is the ideal time to embrace warm and enveloping shades. Colors such as bordeaux, marsala, dark chocolate and forest green are perfect for patterns of pillows, sheets, tablecloths or carpets. Choose them to complete the look of your home by adding a more decisive luxurious touch.

  1. Fantasy textiles yes, but in what material?!

Another important trend for winter is the use of fabrics that add depth and warmth to environments inhabited by muted, neutral palettes. Velvet, faux fur, wool and heavy fabrics will therefore be our protagonists. It uses cushions, blankets and carpets in soft and enveloping fabrics to create an articulated and absolutely non-trivial and aseptic scenario.

  1. Decorations Inspired by Nature, even in winter!

Play with decorations such as dry branch wreaths, centrepieces with pine cones and dried flower crowns to add a rustic, autumnal touch to the rooms. Choose elements that recall the winter landscapes and magic of the season to create an almost fairytale atmosphere.

  1. Metal Lights and Reflections-> Points of Light!

To counter the dark and gloomy atmosphere of winter, the metallic elements will become your best allies! Shades such as gold, brass and silver can be integrated through mirrors, frames, lamps and decorative accessories to bring light to the rooms. These details reflect light in different ways, creating dynamism and adding a luxury touch to the atmosphere!

  1. Warm up the atmosphere-> The Candles!

As we have said, lighting plays a fundamental role in winter furniture. Light up your home with scented candles, lanterns and decorative lights in place of the cold neon light. These details can create an intimate and enveloping atmosphere, perfect for winter evenings and for the warmth so desired in cold times!

  1. Furniture from the Soft Lines

To create a cozy environment, opt for furniture with soft and rounded lines. Sofas with fluffy cushions, wraparound armchairs and upholstered beds can add comfort and warmth to your home. Choose materials such as velvet or leather for a luxurious touch.

  1. Natural Wood Details

Natural wood will be a key element to add a touch of authenticity to the winter interior. Choose furniture or decorative details in raw or clear wood to create a connection with nature and add a touch of rusticity.

With these furnishing trends, you will be able to welcome winter with a refined and enveloping style. Be inspired by the magic of the season and create environments that envelop you in an embrace of comfort and elegance.


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