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Article: How to match the camel color: for an elegant and cozy room

Come abbinare il color cammello: per una camera elegante e accogliente - BELIAMO

How to match the camel color: for an elegant and cozy room

Today we will see together how to bring a versatile and welcoming color to the maximum of its potential: the Camel color! This neutral but sophisticated shade can transform your bedroom into a stylish space with a super cozy atmosphere. Let's now find out how to integrate this color with the rest of the environment to transform it!


  1. Camel Walls, Perfect Background Everywhere

Of course, always start from the background: the walls. Painting the walls with a camel shade, warm and neutral, can create an enveloping and very refined atmosphere. The camel serves as a perfect backdrop because it allows furniture and accessories to stand out and shine. If the walls are already colored, you can instead opt for details such as the coloring of a single wall to give depth to the environment or decorate the room with neutral backgrounds by choosing the camel color in the accessories!

  1. White and Camel: For A More Elegant Couple

White is the perfect companion for the camel, if you want to give your room a note of luxury and prestige. Use white for sheets, blankets and curtains to create contrast and brightness in the room and spread the idea of clean and calm. This combination of colors creates an extremely neat and elegant atmosphere, which lends itself well for a refined bedroom.

  1. The Camel Color In The Fabrics!

Bring camel-colored to your bed through bedspreads, duvets or blankets! The effect will be that of a sober and elegant room with decisive details. Add decorative pillows to your bed (choose from our varieties!) And put on a camel-colored lining for an extra touch of style! Fabrics such as velvet, linen or cashmere in camel shades will help create an extremely luxurious atmosphere.

  1. Camel Furniture & Accessories

If you are going to invest in new furniture or accessories, rather than whitewashing, consider the option of choosing camel color! A bedside table, armchair or even a bed head in this shade can add warmth to the room without weighing down the space too much. It also integrates objects such as camel rugs or decorative elements for a touch of cohesion.

  1. Metal Accents and Camel

Adding metallic accents like brass, gold or copper can give a touch of glamour to your camel bedroom. Table lamps, mirror frames or metallic details on the furniture can create a pleasant balance between the warmth of the camel and the elegance of the metal, filling your room with wonderful reflections and light points!

  1. Lighting and Atmosphere

The right lighting can transform the atmosphere of a bedroom. Choose table lamps or suspensions that diffuse a warm, soft light. By combining the right lighting with the camel shade, you will create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Natural Details and Texture

To prevent your bedroom from looking too flat, add texture and natural detail. Whether woven baskets, natural fiber rugs or wood detailing, these elements can give depth and dimension to your camel bedroom.

  1. Art and Wall Decorations

Finally, complete the look and feel of your camel bedroom with art and wall decor that blend in with the dominant hue. Prints in neutral tones, paintings on canvas or even hanging fabrics can add a touch of personality and complement the environment.


With camel color as the protagonist, your bedroom will become a refuge of elegance and warmth. Experiment with different shades of camel and play with the materials and textures to create an environment that embraces you gently every time you enter.


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