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Article: How long has it been since you changed your mattress? Often we almost forget its presence, taking it for granted!

Da quanto non cambi il tuo materasso? Spesso ci si dimentica quasi della sua presenza, dandolo per scontato! - BELIAMO

How long has it been since you changed your mattress? Often we almost forget its presence, taking it for granted!

Today, we're going to explore an essential element to improve your quality of life: your mattress. Changing your mattress may seem like a simple action, but it has a profound impact on your sleep quality and overall health. We will discover the importance of choosing the right mattress and above all we will see what happens when we do not change mattresses for years!


What's Inside Your Mattress?

Considering that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, think about the amount of bacteria, dead skin cells, and germs that settle in your mattress while you sleep!

Every night our body expels more than 330 ml of sweat and body fluids and about 1.5 grams of dead skin cells. All this is deposited on our mattress. Some may actually be able to evaporate during the hours of the day, although this depends on the breathability of the sheets, bedspreads or blankets, but most of the secretions and waste permeate inside the mattress, passing through the different layers and nesting inside it, proliferating. It's definitely not a pretty picture, no one would want to lie on a slab of sweat, waste, mites and bacteria! In addition, we must consider the inevitable accumulation of dust, a favorite food of mites and bacteria that can cause rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma and general allergies.

In light of this data, you will surely re-evaluate the hygiene of your mattress! A quality mattress such as our products from the Aletto collection, made of memory foam or other innovative foams, is immune to mites and bacteria and is hypoallergenic and ultra-breathable.

The Importance of a Proper Mattress

The mattress is a fundamental investment in your well-being and in your life. An inadequate mattress can cause a variety of problems, including sleep disturbances, muscle aches, back pain, and even long-term health issues related to the immune and central nervous systems (read our article about it). Changing your mattress when you need it is a decision that really makes a difference. It's an expense that we tend not to think about too much, as it stays there in our room for years and falls into oblivion. Over time, the body gets used to the deformations of the mattress, the formation of mites and bacteria, its compromised rigidity and consequently does not easily allow us to realize that it is really time to change it!

It's Time to Change Mattress if:

  1. You have Body Pain: If you wake up with pain in your neck, back, shoulders, or hips, your mattress may not provide the right support. Joint and muscle pain is often not caused by what we do during the day as it is easy to think, but occurs precisely in the hours of sleep, since the body over time adapts to incorrect positions and makes them its own, compromising our health.
  2. Notice of Sinking: A mattress that has lost its original shape and has sagging in some places can cause a sinking that affects posture. Usually the central area of the mattress tends to board and in doing so the back suffers a lot.
  3. You suffer from Miscellaneous Allergies or Dust Mites: Over time, mattresses can accumulate allergens and dust mites that can affect your respiratory health. When we think of mattresses, we first think of deformation and posture, but also the formation of an important bacterial proliferation is not to be underestimated as we have seen previously!

In addition to deformation and hygiene, remember to also evaluate the type of mattress! Mattresses are not all the same and the differences in materials, degrees of differentiated load-bearing capacity, firmness and many other factors are not just a matter of "taste", you need to know how to choose which one is right for you at an orthopedic level. Each of us has a position in which we prefer to sleep, our weight, our joint or muscle problems, pains, pathologies and different needs, so how can we think that one mattress is worth the other?

Write to us if you need a hand to understand which mattress may be the best for you and take a look at our products to be sure you are buying a product of the highest quality and with a medical device!

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