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Article: Eco-friendly lifestyle: Is it really that hard?

Stile di vita eco-friendly: È davvero così difficile? - BELIAMO

Eco-friendly lifestyle: Is it really that hard?

Today we would like to share with you some little secrets about how to turn the house into a healthy and ecological sanctuary without giving up a modern and cozy design! As part of our community of lovers Sleep well and healthy , We know how important it is for you to live in an environment that promotes well-being, rest and, of course, impeccable design. Here are some tips on how to make your home more eco-friendly, sustainable and… fashionable!

donna in casa eco sostenibile

  1. Light up the House with Natural Light

Mantra: Nothing beats the sunlight! Open the windows during the day to let in natural light, saving energy and creating a bright and joyful atmosphere, completely green. If you need artificial lighting in specific areas of the home where you study or work, opt for low energy LED lamps, with vintage warm light bulbs, for a chic yet sustainable touch.

  1. An Eco-Friendly Home Even While You Sleep

As you already know if you have read our articles in the section “WORLD OF REST AND WELFARE”, we have thought of everything to make your sleep optimal: orthopedics, safety, comfort and… sustainability! Our mattresses in fact, in addition to being medical devices, designed for the correct support of your spine at night, are also made with natural or recycled materials, which in addition to supporting your back, also support the environment! To add a touch of design to your bedroom Green , Opt for recycled or organic fiber blankets and pillows that, in addition to making the room cozy and hospitable, care about the well-being of the planet. A well-appointed room with eco-friendly products can make you feel good both inside and out, even while you sleep.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycles

The philosophy of the "3Rs" never goes out of fashion! Reduce plastic consumption and choose reusable products such as water bottles, canvas bags and food containers. Recycle materials whenever possible and learn how to breathe new life into old furniture, decorating it in your own style to add a vintage and green feel to the home. Read our articles in the section TIPS, PRACTICAL TIPS AND GUIDES And DIY will have no more secrets!

ricicla riusa

  1. Plants Are Never Enough!

Plants not only improve the air quality in your home, but also add a natural touch to the design of your rooms. Add house plants such as ferns and monstere, dried and potted flowers, for a fresh and lush atmosphere. The plants will be your little helpers: You take care of them and they help you keep your home fresh and healthy, with style!

  1. DIY, Eco-friendly!

If you are passionate about art, decoupage or small home decor, consider creating your future works using recycled, or totally natural materials such as twigs and dried flowers. Reusing old pictures or frames for example, decorating them with flowers, branches and leaves that you can collect while enjoying a walk in the park, can make your home much more personal, and green! We wrote an article about it: link to ADVICE, PRACTICAL TIPS & GUIDES> Simple and cheap DIY decorations

home decor

We hope that these little tips have inspired you to make your home greener, healthier and chic! In the end, living also keeping an eye on the well-being of the planet in addition to your own, is not as difficult as you think and you must not give up anything, just choose well! With a little creativity, you can have an eco-friendly environment that reflects your unique style, without harming the planet. Thank you for being part of our community, and remember: every little step towards a more sustainable world counts, even if it's done in your living room!

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