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Article: How to make the house more elegant without spending anything!

Come rendere la casa più elegante senza spendere nulla! - BELIAMO

How to make the house more elegant without spending anything!

Today we'd like to share some simple tricks to help you add a touch of elegance to your home, without having to spend too much! What makes something elegant and chic are the details, let's find out how to start!


  1. Plan, then act!

Every great project starts with a plan of attack, don't forget that! Choose which room to start from first and focus only on this one, then move on to the next room. This is because by making, for example, 5 chic accessories and distributing them around the house, the risk is that they get lost among the other furnishings and fall into the void. If, on the other hand, the same 5 accessories are stored together for example in the bedroom, then they will tie together changing the atmosphere and style of the room, giving it a coherent tone.

  1. Painting & Customizing Made Easy

Painting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform a room! Choose colors that reflect your style and the personality of the room, clarify whether you want to create a lively and cheerful atmosphere or a more relaxing and elegant one and then give space to creativity! Don't limit yourself to the walls – you can paint furniture, frames, even doors and windows for a consistent and unique look. If you're not comfortable with brushes, you can still decorate your walls and furniture with stencils and a spray can! Remember that if the initial idea was to make the room more elegant, it is better to avoid too bright colors and stay in neutral or black and white tones, with perhaps adding details and accessories in a single color (we recommend playing with gold or silver details that will brighten up the room!)

  1. Creative Fabrics, but Choose the Right Pattern!

The fabrics offer a wide range of creative possibilities, from single-colour cushion covers, to those with extremely rich patterns! If your goal is to make the room look more stylish, there are two ways to go, but it's important to stay consistent with the choices you made before!

  • If you have decided to use 012752 pastel or neutral tones for the walls and you have not added any particular decorations, you can balance the visual weights by playing with textiles: in this case we recommend that you choose patterned textures, even quite rich, with colors that match your palette well, or neutral! A challenging texture can enrich a neutral sofa very well in a neutral and delicate room, but it can generate chaos when used in an already more chaotic room!
  • In case you have chosen to play on the colors of the walls with strong tones or added decorations, we recommend that you stay on the monochromatic for the textile, so as to balance: in this case it is better to play with cushions of different sizes but keep the pillowcases in neutral tones and not too bright, so as to create dynamism on your sofa without exaggerating!
  1. Decorations, yes, but not too many

A room full of decorations and objects is certainly very personal and unique, but this does not always lend itself to an elegant atmosphere. To make your room more chic sometimes you need to clean it up first! Look around and don't be afraid to get rid of all those objects, photos and knick-knacks that no longer represent you. A cleaner room is already more elegant in itself, because the eye stumbles over far fewer details when looking at it, and a smoother view is more pleasing to the mind. Once the spaces have been freed, choose well how and whether to occupy them: if you want to do it, choose objects that can be a point of light or focal point in the room, we recommend metal knick-knacks that create interesting plays of light and reflections and are very elegant in themselves!

  1. Make room for plants, they're good for the soul!

Plants, large and small, bring life and freshness to the home. Dedicate a space to them, perhaps in one of the corners of the room, and let them light it up! If you have the space, choose a nice tall potted plant, so that it occupies the verticality of the space, otherwise if the space available is limited, play with small pots, perhaps of succulents! Remember that you don't necessarily have to place them on a surface, but you can also tie them with a string and hang them on the walls or swing them from the ceiling, creating a much more country vibe!


Remember that DIY is a creative journey, a way to add a touch of personality to your home! So, get the materials and let your creativity express itself, enjoying the process that will transform your home into a unique and tailor-made retreat for you!

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