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Article: DIY decoration! A unique home at no extra cost

Decorazione fai da te! Una casa unica senza costi extra - BELIAMO

DIY decoration! A unique home at no extra cost

Today, we're going to walk you through some super simple creative ideas for making amazing DIY decorations that add style and personality to your home, without having to break the piggy bank. With just a few steps and cheap materials, you'll turn your rooms into small design masterpieces!


  1. Decorative Frames with Natural Materials: Enjoy the walk in the park looking for twigs, dry leaves and flowers of different colors to dry! Once you get the completely free materials, use them to create unique decorative frames. With a little hot glue you can easily fix them on a frame you already have and make it truly unique! Obviously, there is nothing to prevent you from using these twigs to create small bunches to hang with string as decorations on the handles of wardrobes and windows or to place them on a shelf to enrich it. Using this type of décor will give your home a more rustic tone!
  2. Creative Candles: Recycle discarded mason jars or mugs to make DIY candles! We all know the famous Yankee Candles, don't we? Using a glass jar as a candle container has been a trend for years! So why not try your own version of it? You can then enrich the jar with dried flowers and twigs to give an almost magical touch to your creation! Add dyes or essential oils to further personalize your candles and make them more in the palette with your room!
  3. Repainted Furniture (Even for the Inexperienced!): Breathe new life into outdated furniture by repainting it in fresh, bright colors, soft tones, or just glossy to match the style of your home! You can also use techniques such as decoupage to add a vintage or playful touch, choosing the images you like best, such as floral decorations or writing. If you're a beginner don't be scared by the word "repaint", you can absolutely do it; All you have to do is buy a spray can of the color you have chosen and spray the product evenly and from the right distance on the furniture, without having to go crazy with the brushes!
  4. Photos and Lucine, who doesn't like that?!: Print your favorite photos, create a collection of the best and funniest memories you cherish. If you don't have any photos that inspire you, open Pinterest and get advice by searching for @beliamoitaly! Once selected and printed (also as a polaroid if you have the possibility) hang them on a string or, even better, on a string of lights, with decorative clothespins. This garland of photos, especially if bright, will become the beating heart of the room and warm up the atmosphere!
  5. Natural Centerpiece. Did you pick up shells at the beach? Back from vacation, it often happens that you find yourself with a nice pile of shells that you basically don't know what to do with... Why not use them to create simple decorations that are affordable for everyone? If you don't have shells, it doesn't matter! Walking in the park, choose some medium-sized smooth stones, sticks and sticks of various sizes, dry leaves, flowers and everything that inspires you! Once you have found the materials, play with your imagination to assemble them in the best possible way and create a unique and rustic centerpiece! If you have a bowl or tray, use it as a base and decorate it by gluing the materials you have collected with hot glue! Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest if you need inspiration.
  6. Decorate with your favorite quotes: On the internet you can find cheap stickers with a wide variety of quotes! Choose those from your favorite movies or songs and use them to fill the empty walls of your home! It is always pleasant to read a nice sentence on the wall in front of the kitchen table while eating and chatting, for example. If you want, you can also buy the individual sticker letters and create your own lettering, with your family names or your motto! An alternative way that we recommend to creatives is to arm yourself with a brush and make the writings using your own calligraphy to add an extra personal touch to the decoration!
  7. Custom Mirrors: Buy an unframed mirror, even at a flea market, and decorate it with gems, mosaics, or twigs and pebbles! Any object you like can be used to decorate an initially poor and simple mirror. If you prefer, you can also paint it by hand creating a sort of frame or adding a witty touch such as a mustache or glasses in correspondence with your reflected image! The mirror will become a decorative element that reflects your personal style and makes the whole room more interesting.

It's time to get to work! Remember to post a photo of your creation and tag @beliamoitaly or send it to us!

DIY art[012754 012755] is a fantastic way to express your creativity and reflect your personality in décor! Don't be afraid to experiment and add your own twist to our ideas, we're here to inspire you!


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