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ALETTO®-Memory Foam & Gel Fresh Mattress- MEMO 20 (PosturLine Technology-Medical Device Class 1)

The mattress MEMO 20 Of A-LETTO By BELIAMO is an artisanal and innovative product of high quality designed to have differentiated lift areas created following the indications of sleep experts to offer you a unique product of its kind. The inside of the mattress is made up of 3 different layers to ensure you have a rejuvenating and relaxing sleeping experience. This mattress is a Class 1 Medical Device.



Dispositivo medico
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Materasso ALETTO® MEMO 20 in Memory Foam e Watergel® (Tecnologia PosturLine - Dispositivo Medico Classe 1) - Comfort e freschezza per un sonno rigenerante su
ALETTO®-Memory Foam & Gel Fresh Mattress- MEMO 20 (PosturLine Technology-Medical Device Class 1) Sale price€819,99

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Caratteristiche Tecniche

  1. Fodera in Jersey di Cotone: Aumenta la protezione del materasso con una maggiore traspirabilità
  2. Watergel®: Strato superiore in WATERGEL®, una schiuma viscoelastica a celle aperte che permette un elevato grado di traspirabilità e ventilazione degli spazi interni, in grado di offrire una bellissima sensazione di freschezza e comfort ideale.
  3. Memory Foam Extrapur®: Uno strato di MEMORY FOAM Viscoelastico EXTRAPUR® per offrire un effetto automodellante in grado di adattarsi ergonomicamente alle forme del corpo.
  4. Waterfoam con lavorazione PosturLine®: Una base di sostegno realizzata in schiuma poliuretanica espansa ad acqua HDR con lavorazione innovativa PosturLine® che permette una distribuzione omogenea della pressione.

The perfect mix of Memory and Watergel


Watergel® foam is designed to provide a cool feeling while sleeping, thanks to its ability to regulate body temperature. Its thermoregulatory properties allow excess heat to dissipate, maintaining a comfortable temperature and avoiding heat build-up that can cause discomfort at night.

One of the main features of Watergel® foam is its open-cell structure, which promotes greater breathability than other traditional foams. This allows air to circulate freely through the mattress, making it easier for moisture to escape and maintaining a cool, dry sleeping environment.


Extrapur® foam is designed to conform to the shape of the body, offering personalized support and a snug soft feel. Its responsive structure allows the foam to react to the body's heat and pressure, softening and conforming to natural curves, relieving pressure points and providing optimal sleep support.

Extrapur® foam has undergone rigorous quality and safety testing, obtaining the necessary certifications to ensure its compliance with the highest standards. Its patent testifies to the uniqueness of its properties and its innovation in the field of materials for rest.


The SpineLine® processing involves the creation of modular repeating grooves on the waterfoam support base of the mattress. These grooves are strategically placed to offer targeted support and better distribution of body weight during sleep.

Thanks to this processing, the mattress achieves greater responsiveness and elasticity similar to that of traditional spring mattresses. The cutouts allow the support base to dynamically adapt to the movements of the body, providing personalized support and better alignment of the spine.


It is an innovative, unique and patented process capable of offering optimal support to the entire spine. Thanks to its structure, it relieves pressure points and muscle pain, improving blood circulation during sleep and offering orthopedic support. Forget back pain and lower back pain!

The lining

Made of hypoallergenic 100% polyester stretch fabric with a special treatment to be resistant to mites, fungi and bacteria. Breathable and smooth as silk, they offer maximum comfort with a pleasant massaging effect. The air-conditioned fiber padding that regulates temperature and reduces moisture build-up. Internally there is also an additional breathable cotton jersey lining. They are removable thanks to the comfortable zip.

Medical Device

Healthy and Orthopedic. Our MEMO mattresses are orthopedic guaranteeing a healthy and regenerating rest, a correct posture of the spine, ergonomic support for any body type and a natural position during sleep. All MEMO mattresses by A-LETTO by BELIAMO are certified as Class 1 Medical Device and therefore tax deductible of 19% as a medical expense when filing tax returns.

Quality craftsmanship

All of our MEMO mattresses of A-LETTO By BELIAMO are handcrafted with care, passion, attention to detail and are 100% MADE IN ITALY, synonymous with the highest quality and excellence in manufacturing. The quality and safety of the materials used have made it possible to obtain CertiPUR, OEKO-TEX certifications®Standard 100, ECS (Expansion Control System) and CE marking for the absence of harmful substances that meet the highest European standards.

Advice and Maintenance

The mattresses are shipped rolled up and vacuum-packed; during unpacking you could feel a smell of fresh non-toxic natural foam, then leave them at rest in a flat position and ventilated place for at least 24 hours before use, for a perfect recomposition of the original shape and dispersion of production odors. Store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The cover is removable and washable.

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Valentin Boisier
Je suis contente il est très confortable et beau

Matelas élégant et confortable je n'ai plus mal au dos je le rachèterais. Il est arrivé dans le bon délai de livraison