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Notti di Prova
Product type
Notti di Prova
Memory ComfortCuscino cervicale Bologna in memory foam di Beliamo, progettato per offrire supporto ergonomico e comfort durante il sonno
Memory ComfortCuscino saponetta Bologna in memory foam di Beliamo, ideale per un supporto ergonomico e un sonno confortevole
Fresh ComfortCuscino Memory Foam e Water Gel - LIGNANO LIGHT
Memory FlakesEcological Micro Memory Foam Cervical Cushion-SORRENTO
Memory AloeCuscino POSITANO Aloe Memory Foam Beliamo #unità_singolo
Memory AloeCuscino POSITANO CERVICALE Aloe Memory Foam Beliamo #unità_singolo
Memory FlakesDue cuscini Siena in fiocco di memory foam di Beliamo, pensati per offrire un comfort superiore e un supporto ottimale
Fresh ComfortCervical Pillow Memory Foam and Water Gel - LIGNANO CERVICALE
Fresh ComfortMemory Foam Pillow and Watergel - LIGNANO

Welcome to the Beliamo Meletto Collection, where comfort blends with technology. Our collection includes pillows, toppers, mattresses and other bedroom accessories made of memory foam, viscoelastic foam or polyurethane foam. Discover advanced comfort for a regenerating sleep.

The Technological Comfort at the Sleep Service

The Meletto Collection offers products designed with cutting-edge materials. Each piece is precisely made to ensure maximum comfort and support during sleep.

Custom Sleep Options

Choose from a wide range of pillows, topper and mattresses made of memory foam or viscoelastic foam, or opt for polyurethane foam products to suit your sleep preferences. You will find the ideal solution for your comfort.

Why choose the Meletto di Beliamo Collection?

  • Advanced Technology : We use innovative materials to offer exceptional comfort and support.
  • Customization : Find the perfect product for your sleep needs.
  • Duration : Our products are made to last over time.
  • Sustainability : Contribute to environmental protection with high quality products.

Explore the Beliamo Meletto Collection and transform your bedroom into an oasis of comfort and technology.

Choose Advanced Comfort, Choose Technology, Choose Beliamo!