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Our Sustainable Actions

In Beliamo, we are committed to translating Our philosophy of sustainability in concrete actions . We want to share with you some of our Key commitments Which allow us to contribute to a more sustainable world:

Lastra di Memory foam sostenibile - Comfort ecologico per un riposo migliore su

Eco-Friendly Design

We are actively working to introduce a Ecological design of our products . This means taking into account the efficiency of the materials and the production process, as well as the ease of disassembly and recycling of our products.

Stretta di mano tra Beliamo e i fornitori - Il nostro impegno per una collaborazione sostenibile su

Traceability of the Supply Chain

We are constantly monitoring and improving transparency in our supply chain. We make sure that our suppliers adhere to Sustainable and ethical standards , Carefully evaluating them according to our sustainability criteria.

Packaging di cartone riciclato - Il nostro impegno per l'ambiente con materiali sostenibili su

Sustainable Packaging

We are progressively Replacing conventional packaging with sustainable materials . We reduce the use of unnecessary packaging and optimize packaging design to reduce volume and weight.

Treno eco-friendly che viaggia nella natura - Il nostro impegno per l'ambiente con trasporti sostenibili su

Green Logistics

We constantly review our logistics operations to optimize transport and Reducing carbon emissions . In some cases, we also consider environmentally friendly transportation alternatives, such as trains or ships.

Pratiche sostenibili: Reuse, Repair, Upcycle - Il nostro impegno per l'ambiente su

Promotion of Upcycling and Reuse

We want to educate our clients on the importance of Reuse And of the Upcycling Of Beliamo products. We will offer repair and reuse options for our products whenever possible.

Dadi con simbolo del riciclo e 'zero waste' - Il nostro impegno per l'ambiente con pratiche sostenibili su

Recycling Programmes

We are working to implement recycling programs for Beliamo products at the end of their lifecycle. We may offer incentives for returning products or Cooperate with local recycling organizations .

Pale eoliche nella natura - Il nostro impegno per l'ambiente con energie rinnovabili su

Carbon Emission Compensation

We are committed to Calculate carbon emissions Associated with our activities and to compensate them through reforestation projects or investments in renewable energy.

Volontario Beliamo che lavora sul terreno insieme a un giovane - Il nostro impegno per l'ambiente su

Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to actively involve ourselves in our local community through corporate social responsibility projects. We will support charities or social projects That reflect our corporate values.

Materiali alternativi ecologici come il lattice - Il nostro impegno per l'ambiente su

Research and Green Development

We will invest in Research and development To identify and use Sustainable materials For our products. We will constantly search New technologies To reduce the environmental impact of our products and we will evaluate Eco-friendly alternative materials .

Monitoring and Reporting

We will implement a monitoring and reporting system to measure progress towards our sustainability goals. We will clearly communicate our findings and commitments to stakeholders, demonstrating our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Together, these actions will help us pursue our mission to be a leader in integrating sustainability into the furniture industry and creating a lasting positive impact on our planet. We are excited to share this journey with you and work together for a better future.