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Article: WHY LIVING IN AN ORDERED HOUSE IS HEALTHY? Keep the house tidy to keep your mind tidy!

PERCHE’ VIVERE IN UNA CASA ORDINATA È SALUTARE? Tenere ordinata la casa per tenere ordinata la mente! - BELIAMO

WHY LIVING IN AN ORDERED HOUSE IS HEALTHY? Keep the house tidy to keep your mind tidy!


An orderly environment certainly reflects a serene state of mind, and vice versa. It is no coincidence that home care and mental health are therefore closely intertwined. Keeping your home environment organized and harmonious can have a significant impact on your mental health, improving balance, emotional stability, and helping to manage anxiety. In this article we will see how keeping the house tidy can be a small step towards a more serene life! We will then try to provide you with some practical tips to do it with ease.

The Link Between Order and Mental Health

The relationship between tidy spaces and mental well-being is supported by several scientific studies. A clean and organized environment can positively affect your mood and reduce stress levels just as much as a chaotic or dirty environment can cause anxiety and restlessness.

  1. Sense of Control: Keeping your home tidy gives you a sense of control over your home and consequently your life. This sense of mastery can positively affect your self-esteem and perception of yourself, your energy, and the way you feel; You have control over things and not the other way around.
  2. Stress Reduction: Clutter and chaos can trigger stress. A tidy environment reduces distractions and helps to create a feeling of calm. Especially if you use certain rooms in the house to work or do activities that require concentration, try to avoid the use of too many knick-knacks or objects of different colors, your attention will be drawn to the chaos!
  3. Improved Concentration: An organized space makes it easier to focus and work, improving productivity and reducing feelings of mental overload. Both professionally speaking and for a search for inner well-being, disorder generates further chaos.
  4. Creative Stimulus: A tidy environment can foster creativity. A clear and spacious area can clear your mind of unnecessary worries, allowing creativity to flow more freely. Leave the windows open and if possible work in front of a window or on a terrace if you have one!


Tips for Keeping Your Home Tidy with Ease

Now that you understand the importance of tidiness in your home for your mental health, here are some practical tips to help you achieve and maintain a harmonious environment without much effort:

  1. "Declutter" Regular: Get rid of unnecessary stuff! Regularly take the time to delete items that you no longer need or that don't give you anything positive. A less crowded environment promotes peace of mind.
  2. Assign a Place to Everything: Giving each item a designated place makes it easier to put it back after use. This avoids the accumulation of scattered objects and becomes a spontaneous action and does not require time to rearrange the objects.
  3. Plan Cleaning: Establish a cleaning routine to prevent dirt from accumulating. Keeping surfaces clean reduces the feeling of chaos, and doing so regularly will make both you and your home feel better.
  4. Organize with Containers: Use boxes, baskets, and shelves to organize similar items. This makes it easier to find what you're looking for and keeps spaces tidy.
  5. Open Spaces and Minimalism: Choose furnishings that leave spaces as open and airy as possible. Go for minimalism! Less bulky furniture means less visual clutter.
  6. Moment of Relaxation: Treat cleansing as a time of mindfulness. Focus on cleaning tasks, feel the details, and let it become a moment of relaxation. Don't worry about cleaning everything quickly, rather divide the rooms day by day.

In conclusion, remember that order in the home goes far beyond aesthetics. It has a profound impact on your mental health and emotional balance, living in a chaotic or dirty environment can alter a lot the perception of the activities you carry out within it. Take care of your living space, because a tidy environment is the first step towards a quiet and serene mind.


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